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Pimapay Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is live

#Tier Two(2) sale is live at 80% Discount

Pimacoin Miner's Category is currently on sale at 70% discount

Pimacoin Administrator's Category is currently on sale at 70% discount

Pimacoin (PMC) is the currency that powers Pimapay. Buy Pimacoin Now

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Pimapay Transactional Network

We believe in Challenging and Transforming Payment Services Globally,

We revolutionize Payment & Trading Systems through a complete, secure, fast and easy to use Transactional Network for Humans,

Our Transactional Network includes Global Payment System, Crypto-Assets Trading Market, Pimacoin Hoarding, over 30 different Cryptocurrency wallets, Dice & Lotto Games, Automated Cryptocurrency Exchange, Electronic vouchers, a Bounty System & Pimacoin Mining.

Trading Platform

Pimapay market offers a unique and excellent trading terminal and provides full support for exchange functions with varieties of functions ranging from interactive graphs, technical indicators, troll box chat, instant order execution and cancellation possibility.

Unlimited support for Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC,ETH, PMC and many more . Also, unlimited support for fiat gateways such as perfectmoney, paypal, e.t.c.

Pimapay Market offers opportunity to track every single trade/order through sms and email alert on every trade.

Automated Exchange

Swap any crypto assets of your choice, safe, fast and secure even without creating an account. Simply swap from one wallet to another, from one e-currency account to another.

With continuous expansion and update in crypto and electronic direction, we continue to update and expand our crypto-asset swap space. With the aim of convenient, easy and fast payment online, Pimapay swap have implemented the most efficient and trending tokens.


Pimapay Hoarding system allows you to stake your Pimacoin and earn commission at the end of every month.

The guaranteed Monthly interest on your hoarded Pimacoin is calculated at the end of the month and your commission is airdropped into your account.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

With our exclusive Pimapay wallet, you can save and receive your CryptoCurrency assets in a secure, protected, and encrypted environment. We make sure your encryption is done on the browser before they are saved on the server making it impossible for anyone to spend your coins.

By helping our clients secure their coins, all transactions involving them becomes much easier to handle, including spending and receiving funds, and paying for goods and services.

Additionally, you can easily swap your coins from one wallet to another within the Pimapay system, saving you from the hassle of finding a place to trade, buy, or sell your coin. With an easy QR code you could send coins to your loved one in a snap.

Voucher System

The Pimapay voucher stands out as a unique and innovative way of carrying out transactions, allowing you to deposit funds into your account or process purchases from merchant sites smoothly.

Pimapay voucher system makes it easy for you to purchase a voucher from another Pimapay user, or to give a friend the gift of e-currency investment with a voucher code. Vouchers are a convenient and professional way of performing transactions effortlessly from anywhere in the world.

With the unique voucher feature, you can easily buy vouchers and use it to redeem any cryptocurrency that is accepted on Pimapay, like BTC, LTC, PMC, ETH and lots more. Pimapay Vouchers can be used as gift cards, for event ticketing, airline flight ticket etc

Bounty System

Pimacoin support permissions, a custom permission bounty system. This means that permitted users can either mine, or manage Pimacoin Blockchain.

How do you join the Bounty System?

You have to place a bounty with a certain amount and wait until your bounty request has been approved to either mine or manage Pimacoin Blockchain.

When consensus is reached, users address is granted permission. Mining permission enables users who want to mine to bounty for mining permission.

In return, users (miners) are rewarded in round robin fashion and not proof of work. In this case, each available miner takes a turn in the mining reward process.

Payment Gateways

Pimapay is a leading E-currency (payment gateway) for both Private and Business users. Pimapay provides an open door for swift transactions locally and internationally, online and offline services. Pimapay Gateway is simply “One Account That Rules It All” which enables everyone to securely send and receive funds all over the globe.

With Pimapay you can send money to anyone locally and internationally. Send to other Pimapay users instantly without any delay and in a more secured environment. Pay for goods and services, accept payments on your website with our user-friendly API (Advanced Voucher API, Payments API, Exchanger API, SCI integration API with documentations).

Gaming System

Pimapay provide a “learning while having fun” feature through games, specifically lottery and dice. It’s so easy to participate, you just log into your account, select the game you want to play. You can also use a variety of other payment methods to play games.

DICE: Roll a die, double your stake. With this feature, you can double your earnings with just one click by simply selecting the coin you want to use, amount you want to stake, and click the row button either less than (<) or greater than (>) a certain figure.

Lottery: Get a chance to win the Pimacoin Jackpot. This unique feature provides everyone with an equal opportunity to participate in the lottery with no middle man, and no interference. Just place and you could be celebrated as the winner. Best match winning logic is used to determine the winner.

Pimacoin Mining

We take the difficulty out of mining. Who says mining of Cryptocurrency have to be difficult? With the click of a button, your mining node will be deployed. You can start mining Pimacoin within three(3) minutes.

There are three (3) ways to mine Pimacoin: -

  1. Automated Node Deployment from user dashboard
  2. Having an Administrator Address
  3. Having a Miners Address

Earn 50 Pimacoin everytime you mine a block

Our Team

Nwachukwu GCN

Godspower C.N


Marek Rinko

Marek Rinko

Software Engineer

Jerry James A.

Jerry James

Chief Technical Officer

Jan Kulíšek

Jan Kulíšek

Solution Designer

Marcelo Creimer

Blockchain Engineer

Kelechi Ahaiwe

Blockchain Specialist

Mohsin Iqbal

Mohsin Iqbal

Software Developer

Reddy Arriola

Reddy Arriola

Content Developer

Yaliwe Soko


Christos Hatjoullis

Christos Hatjoullis

Content Developer

Advisory Board

Marc Lipskier

Marc Lipskier

Legal Advisor

Marc is a Disruption Lawyer, Founder of Bamboo & Bees and also President at World of Blockchains

Michael Gehlert

Michael Gehlert

Legal Advisor

Micheal is the founder of FENDERL-Rechtsanwaelte, a crypto law firm based in Germany. He is a Crypto ICO Advisor and IT Forensics Blockchain - Law

Eike Post

Eike B. Post

Financial Advisor

Dr. Eike Post focuses on cryptocurrencies, innovation through the blockchain and tokenized investments, advising and investing and building companies.

Richard Trummer

Richard Trummer

Financial Advisor

Richard is a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, ICO Advisor, Investor, trading and mining

Dirk Wasserthal

Dirk Wasserthal

Financial Advisor

Dirk is a Blockchain Master, Speaker, Advisor and Investor

Amin Alhaddad

Amin Alhaddad

Financial Advisor

Amin is an Entrepreneur, Technology Executive and Blockchain Expert. He is a client focused multi-skilled Senior-level Information Technology Manager with 20+ years of extensive experience.

Pimapay Network ICO Structure

What does this Coin represent:

Internal Currency (Pimacoin)

Coin Symbol:


Total Supply:

1 Billion PMC

Coin Sale Breakdown

Category: General Coin Sale Total Coin Supply: 420,000,000 PMC

Tier #1: 21 Million PMC (@ $0.05 each) = $1,050,000

Tier #2: 42 Million PMC (@ $0.06 each) = $2,520,000

Tier #3: 84 Million PMC (@ $0.07 each) = $5,880,000

Tier #4: 126 Million PMC (@ $0.08 each) = $10,080,000

Tier #5: 147 Million PMC (@ $0.09 each) = $13,230,000

General Coin Sale Breakdown

(We believe in transparency from the get go)

Tier #1 (@ $0.05 per coin) Breakdown

5% of 420,000,000 = 21 million PMC

21 million PMC at the rate of $0.05 for each coin = $1,050,000

i.e for Tier #1 at $0.05 for = $1,050,000 to be raised

Tier #2 (@ $0.06 per coin) Breakdown

10% of 420,000,000 = 42 million PMC

42 million PMC at the rate of $0.06 for each coin = $2,520,000

i.e for Tier #2 at $0.06 for = $2,520,000 to be raised

Tier #3 (@ $0.07 per coin) Breakdown

20% of 420,000,000 = 84 million PMC

84 million PMC at the rate of $0.07 for each coin = $5,880,000

i.e for Tier #3 at $0.07 for = $5,880,000 to be raised

Tier #4 (@ $0.08 per coin) Breakdown

30% of 420,000,000 = 126 million PMC

126 million PMC at the rate of $0.08 for each coin = $10,080,000

i.e for Tier #4 at $0.08 for = $10,080,000 to be raised

Tier #5 (@ $0.09 per coin) Breakdown

35% of 420,000,000 = 147 million PMC

147 million PMC at the rate of $0.09 for each coin = $13,230,000

i.e for Tier #5 at $0.09 for = $13,230,000 to be raised

Category: Miners Coin Sale Total Coin Supply: 100,000,000 PMC

Miners Category

Tier #1: 45 Million PMC (@ $0.05 each) = From $1000 - $9,999

Tier #2: 30 Million PMC (@ $0.03 each) = From $10,000 - $ 29,999

Tier #3: 25 Million PMC (@ $0.01 each) = From $30,000 -

Total Amount to be Raised = $2,650,000

Category: Administrator Coin Sale Total Coin Supply: 100,000,000 PMC

Administrator Category

Tier #1: 45 Million PMC (@ $0.05 each) = From $5000 - $19,999

Tier #2: 30 Million PMC (@ $0.03 each) = From $20,000 - $ 49,999

Tier #3: 25 Million PMC (@ $0.01 each) = From $50,000 -

Total Amount to be Raised = $2,200,000


  • Q4/2016

    Pimapay Founded

    - Market Survey, Business Strategy & Requirements.

    Software Design

    - Software Architectural Analysis & Design


    Blockchain Development

    - Blockchain development & Implementation

    Payment Gateway

    - Payment Gateway Development

    Web Wallet

    - Web Wallet Development


    Trading Platform

    - Market/Trading Platform Design & Development


    - Airdrop/Hoarding Development

  • Q3/2017

    Gaming Platform

    - Games development (Lottery & Dice)

    Currency Exchange

    - Cryptocurrency Exchanges/Swapping Implementation


    Alpha/Beta Testing

    - Pimapay Alpha/Beta testing


    ICO Announcement

    - Initial Coin Offering starts & ends dates Announcement

  • Q2/2018

    ICO Commences

    - Initial coin offering begins


    ICO Ends

    - Initial Coin Offering ends

    - Coins credited on Pimapay

    - Trading Market Opens

    CoinMarket Listing

    - Pimapay will be listed on coinmarketcap


    Security Audit & Upgrade

    - more security audit, upgrade and expansion will be will be carried out

    Massive Advertisement

    - Initial Coin Offering starts & ends dates Announcement

  • Q1/2019


    - More partnership integration and expansion


    - Opening of local offices in different regions/locations.


    New Coin Listing

    - Listing of new coins on Pimapay Market

    Pimapay Mobile Apps

    - Release of IOS, Android and Desktop Wallets


    PimaVault Development

    - Save for the future

    - A protocol that enables users to vault their Pimacoin over a period of time.

    Infrastructure Upgrade

    - Infrastructure & Server Upgrade

  • Q3/2019

    Pimapay Virtual Office

    - Development of Pimapay Virtual Office for businesses


    Pimapay Patron

    - Development of Pimapay Patron starts